Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Make all your picks before the tournament starts.

Make sure your bracket is complete before the start of the tournament.

Be sure to fill out your entire bracket before the first game. Come back as often as you like to check your progress.

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Welcome to the March Bracket Challenge.  Set your brackets before tip off of the first game!  Earn points for each played game.  The winner will win a $150 VIP card from Prison Brews, 2 t-shirts from Prison Brews and $200 cash from Gary Lewis Properties.

Just make your picks for each game before the tournament starts.

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Local businesses compete for donations for local charities
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Wdfn Detroit must not give anything away...I will not play next year. They wonder why they are second fiddle to the 97.1 the ticket

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brazito19 MO 194
s67947 MO 184
brianc1970 MO 180
arnoldbj MO 176
flip25 IA 170
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